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Our Team

Zey is a Queen West local who has been living in the neighbourhood for over five years. He grew up around the optical industry which helped grow his passion for eye wear and eye care. He has been working in the optical industry for the last ten years and completed the Opticianry program at Georgian College in 2013.

Since graduating, Zey has been an integral part of launching other successful local practices and boutiques in all areas of the city. He truly cares for each new and existing client and is an expert at fitting frames. His focus is on client happiness and thoroughly enjoys helping clients and patients upgrade their looks through stylish eyewear and overall style advice. 

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Dr. Lakhani

In-House Optometrist


Eyes are so important for daily functioning and that’s why I am very passionate about eye care and vision correction. It’s intricate neural wiring is intertwined in the brain which causes the eye to be affected by many neural and systemic disease like diabetes , cholesterol , hypertension ,and gastric issues to name a few. This is why when you come for an eye exam we not only help your vision needs with glasses and contact lenses but we emphasize the importance of health for your eyes as we can also find signs of your overall health. I look forward to being apart of your vision needs.”

Born and raised in Toronto Dr. Lakhani moved to the U.K. to study at one of the top ranked Optometry schools in England and graduated from the University of Manchester. Dr. Lakhani worked in various parts of UK for 4 years before returning to Toronto. Having worked in an international hub she was introduced to various forms of pathology and grew an appreciation for eye health care. Upon returning she had the privilege to work under Dr Markowitz a leader in ophthalmology and low vision eye care at the CNIB hospital where she learnt about the patience and skill required to helping patients with poor sight and developed interests in this field of Optometry.